What I Do

Ian Traynor From Luminate Ventures

Management Consulting

Solution-focused management expertise across a range of services; linked to a specific project, or to kick start a new marketing strategy

Strategy & Transformation

Without a well-crafted strategy in place, the organisation is merely a collection of people pursuing individual goals, guided by what the organisation did yesterday.


My key areas


Feel free to browse my YouTube channel where you can find educational videos and learn more about how I work. Just click the above image to take a look!

Interim Management

Timely intervention ensures impactful outcomes. This is at the core of Interim Management and how  Luminate Ventures can support your business.

Functional Services

Our offering of professional ‘functional’ services is broad, meaning we can come into your business to deliver objective expertise and significant experience  across a range of departments.

Contact Me

Luminate Ventures offer a free, initial face-to-face consultation for up to 90 minutes.

If you have any questions, please do send an email using the form here. I aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Or if you'd like to chat over the phone, please click the button below to head to my contact page.

Although Luminate Ventures is based in historic Chester in the north-west of England, we can support businesses across the UK and beyond, with experience working internationally, nationally, regionally and locally.

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