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We all know that in today's business world, our organisations need to change and transform to survive. Post-pandemic and post-Brexit there are many opportunities to grow our businesses.

This means thinking about how we adapt to digital technologies, automation, AI, and best practice in our Marketing, HR and Financial Management.

We need to find time to THINK about what and how we need to change and adapt to meet new challenges this is part of our time 'working on the business' alongside our time 'working in it'. I work with Business Owners and Managers to help them navigate this ever-changing landscape.


A PLAN sounds simple: jot down your thoughts, a target, a destination and off you go!
But if you want success, I’m afraid it’s not that simple. You must ensure your plan is complete, up to date and removes your own bias.

Your plan is a strategy, or a path to get you to your chosen destination. But that path is unlikely to be without its hairpin bends and potholes along the way.

So, bring your 'Thinking' into the 'Plan', adding in industry knowledge and research. Review historical data and then add in market, technology and customer impacts, and create a new forecast alongside the crucially key elements required to succeed; resources, cash, capital, skills, technology, machinery, etc. Then of course, crucially, there’s timing.

The Plan, direction and external impacts all make this a living document and allow for adjustments that you can and should accommodate.



The DO part of Strategy and transformation is obviously vital ; without a well-crafted implementation process in place, the organisation is merely a collection of people pursuing individual goals, guided by what the organisation did yesterday. Making strategy work is one of the greatest challenges of successful management.

About Me

Ian Traynor, owner of Luminate Ventures, is an accomplished executive with general management experience across sectors, effective leadership qualities and a range of skills and expertise. He deploys his functional know-how of sales and marketing and digital transformation within a variety of start-ups, private and FTSE 100-350 TMT and FS companies.

Ian specialises in strategy, change, transformation, digital and consulting services, alongside ‘go to market’ (GTM), with a focus on successful execution. He is a highly regarded Non-Executive Director (NED) on a number of company boards. His natural high energy and positive outlook keeps him engaged with all stakeholders.

Ian Traynor From Luminate Ventures

Ian Traynor

MBA, Chartered Director, Visiting Fellow - Henley Business School,
Fellow IoD, Mentor

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